Dr. Lin: just a doctor?

As I meshed into the hospital after a quick midnight snack around the train station on a dark, humid Wednesday, I immediately fell towards the volunteer desk in the lobby. As I "made" my bed (three rolling chairs) and before I had the chance to briefly visualize what Dr. Lin was like, I passed out...soundly asleep like a pig. I was promptly distraut (by my phone) at 4 A.M. awaiting said doctor for a monthly morning run. Due to misunderstanding, I was at the right place, but the wrong time ( 4:45 to be exact)...so I went back for some more shuteye. Fortunately, the short-lived slumber gave me the much needed energy to last through the long coming day.

Dr. Lin Shinn-zong has been the Superintendent of Tzu Chi General Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan since July 2001. I volunteered to "shadow" and visually document the neurosurgeon for a day in late May for the English version of the Tzu Chi Month ly magazine. Although my time spent with him lasted only a sunrise to sunset, he had taken me to the depth of his passion and compassion. He's always has this glow about him...the glow of in disputible expertise, endless knowledge, and charming intelligen ce. Yet, even after a 10-kilometer crack-o-dawn jog, the witty doctor marches on through the day with machine-like intensity and efficiency; oh, and he never takes the elevator.

For the complete story by a fellow magazine staffer, see here.

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