These are some Summer 2001 images from Camp Longhorn located in Burnet, TX. If you think you want to shoot 500+ pics everyday and be fed & clothed, let me know. I think Martha's still looking for a strong photog for this coming summer. You can find more information at

CLH2001_01 CLH2001_02 CLH2001_03 CLH2001_04 CLH2001_05
CLH2001_06 CLH2001_07 CLH2001_08 CLH2001_09 CLH2001_10
CLH2001_11 CLH2001_12 CLH2001_13 CLH2001_14 CLH2001_15
CLH2001_16 CLH2001_17 CLH2001_18 CLH2001_19 CLH2001_20
CLH2001_21 CLH2001_22 CLH2001_23 CLH2001_24 CLH2001_25
CLH2001_26 CLH2001_27 CLH2001_28 CLH2001_29 CLH2001_30
CLH2001_31 CLH2001_32 CLH2001_33 CLH2001_34 CLH2001_35
CLH2001_36 CLH2001_37 CLH2001_38 CLH2001_39 CLH2001_40