Recent Publications

Janurary was a productive month. I had to layout three of my assignments for a total of 54 pages on the magazine. One was on the Australia Koala Foundation; one was on alternative (yet modernized) medicine of Taiwan; one was on the Special Administrative Region of Macau, China (which on the next update).

01_cover_103 02_layout_koala 03_layout_medicine
04_alt_med_01_YEN5967 05_alt_med_02_YEN6583 06_alt_med_03_YEN6614
07_alt_med_04_YEN6644 08_alt_med_05_YEN6712 09_alt_med_06_YEN6739
10_alt_med_07_YEN6920 11_alt_med_08_YEN6999 12_alt_med_09_MG_5785
13_alt_med_10_MG_5849 14_alt_med_11_YEN0474