The Land Down Under

It doesn't really help with packing light when the guide book says "expect four seasons in a day" in Melbourne, Australia. It was in the 40's when I woke up one morning. Then it hailed around noon. It got to the 80s in the afternoon. Finally, it showered right before I went to bed. Wicked, wicked weather. That's about the only thing I find unpleasant in Australia. Otherwise, getting used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road was a little tricky, but adaptable. I wish I had more time in the actual "outback" of Australia; I don't think 2 days on a farm really counts, though I was more than glad to get away from urban heck.

My writer and I spent 3 weeks in Melbourne, 3 days in Sydney, 3 days in Brisbane and 5 days in Perth. We finished a total of 4 assignments in some 40 days, which is waaaaaay too long, especially if you've only married a year ago.

Another consequence of the married life is, let's say, a financial strain. Right before I left, I convinced Alice that I needed a Canon 5d. Fortunately, she said yes rather quickly. Unfortunately, I will not have any more gifts for any occasion for the next 5 years...

I must say, however, the 5d is a pleasure to work with. Most of the time, I had a ultra-wide on it and a mid-tele on the 20d. It feels more natural, not to mention personal, with one's own equipment. I hate to dog the D2x, but I suppose I'll never get used to Nikon equipment. By the way, I finally made cover of the magazine for the first time in 2.5 years. The long strip followed by the cover is the actual layout as it appears in the magazine. You can tell that I'm quite proud, can't you?

00_cover 00_layout 01_IMG_0254 02_IMG_0281
03_IMG_2512 04_IMG_0401 05_IMG_0424 06_IMG_0491
07_IMG_0554 08_IMG_0732 09_IMG_0742 10_IMG_0750
11_IMG_0761 12_IMG_2584 13_IMG_2661 14_IMG_0873
15_IMG_0900 16_IMG_2824 17_IMG_2900 18_IMG_2920
19_IMG-2967 20_IMG_3138 21_IMG_3157 22_IMG_3174
23_IMG_3249 24_IMG_3284 25_IMG_3380 26_IMG_3416
27_IMG_3451 28_IMG_3461 29_IMG_3483 30_IMG_3706
31_IMG_3754 32_IMG_4027 33_IMG_4349 34_IMG_4400
35_IMG_4440 36_IMG_4507 37_IMG_4545 38_IMG_4621
39_IMG_4745 40_IMG_4829 41_IMG_4862 42_IMG_0276
43_IMG_4897 44_IMG_4927 45_IMG-5109 46_IMG-5153
47_IMG-5165 48_IMG-3132 49_IMG-5307 50_IMG-3200
51_IMG-5521 52_IMG-5569 53_IMG-5592 54_IMG-5837