Mardi Gras 2006

Sorry for the late, late, late update for this section.

Thinking that I'd never return to New Orleans after Katrina, I was catching beads in the Big Easy the following Mardi Gras. The city was...well...almost like Katrina never left. Some of it was unscathed...but much of it remain abandoned and ignored. As much as the residents would like to return, they will find that some neighborhoods still don't have water or electricity and therefore no way of cleaning up themselves.

With that said, I still love the city. There's something mysterious that keeps me coming back year after year. Memories of waking up in an U-Haul next to St. Charles Ave. with an overhang can never seem to go away. "The City that Care Forgot," is absolutely true. No matter how you look at it, New Orleans is a (great) American metropolitan.

MardiGras01_YEN9011 MardiGras02_MAO3288 MardiGras03_MAO3310 MardiGras04_MAO3354
MardiGras05_MAO3373 MardiGras06_MAO3383 MardiGras07_MAO3461 MardiGras08_MAO3476
MardiGras09_MAO3503 MardiGras10_MAO3539 MardiGras11_MAO3550 MardiGras12_MAO3638
MardiGras13_MAO3704 MardiGras14_YEN9299 MardiGras15_MAO3707 MardiGras16_MAO3713
MardiGras17_MAO3960 MardiGras18_YEN9515 MardiGras19_YEN9543 MardiGras20_YEN9573
MardiGras21_YEN9593 MardiGras22_YEN9595 MardiGras23_YEN9617 MardiGras24_YEN9674
MardiGras25_YEN9721 MardiGras26_MAO4068 MardiGras27_YEN9808 MardiGras28_YEN9825
MardiGras29_MAO4216 MardiGras30_YEN9965 MardiGras31_MAO4232 MardiGras32_YEN0030
MardiGras33_MAO4372 MardiGras34_MAO4508 MardiGras35_MAO4582 MardiGras36_MAO4601
MardiGras37_MAO4681 MardiGras38_YEN0126 MardiGras39_MAO4995 MardiGras40_YEN0177
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