Southeast Destination #4: Busan, South Korea

A photog needs to do more than just see. You've got to eat, sleep, adapt, and most of all, understand.

I was a true mute and iliterate during my 3-week stay in Busan, South Korea. Although I quickly got used to the slow-moving subways and a multitude of Korean food, I never felt "together" with the city. I think I was getting too comfortable with Taipei. I did realize that if one city touts itself as being "international," it needs to do more than cater English as the international language. Either that, or I just need to learn another couple of languages.

With that said, I'd still visit Busan again if I were politely invited.

Busan_050924_0217_YYL Busan_050924_0342_YYL Busan_050924_0434_YYL
Busan_050925_0043_YYL Busan_050925_0121_YYL Busan_050925_0318_YYL
Busan_050925_0324_YYL Busan_050925_0349_YYL Busan_050927_0028_YYL
Busan_050927_0060_YYL Busan_050928_0028_YYL Busan_050928_0108_YYL
Busan_050928_0211_YYL Busan_050928_0264_YYL Busan_050928_0410_YYL
Busan_050929_0064_YYL Busan_050929_0120_YYL Busan_050929_0196_YYL
Busan_050929_0263_YYL Busan_050929_0342_YYL Busan_050929_0359_YYL
Busan_050930_0136_YYL Busan_050930_0201_YYL Busan_051001_0142_YYL
Busan_051001_0240_YYL Busan_051002_0126_YYL Busan_051002_0186_YYL
Busan_051005_0008_YYL Busan_051005_0016_YYL Busan_051005_0086_YYL
Busan_051005_0113_YYL Busan_051005_0274_YYL Busan_051006_0024_YYL
Busan_051006_0349_YYL Busan_051007_0033_YYL Busan_051007_0103_YYL
Busan_051007_0153_YYL Busan_051007_0187_YYL Busan_051007_0368_YYL
Busan_051007_0421_YYL Busan_Night Gwangan_Grand_Bridge