Southeast Destination 3: Meulaboh, Indonesia. (Aceh Province of Sumatra Island)

Both fortunately and unfortunately, I left from the Southeast Asia region just 3 days before one of the deadliest natural disaster ever recorded hit Indian Ocean. First, the earthquake that measured 9.0 hit, trembling Meulaboh, Indonesia. 50 minutes later, a series of 3 tsunamis wiped out the heart of the city. The local government assessed 80% destruction on the port city on the Aceh province of Sumatra island. It's hard to comprehend and describe the amount of destruction. It's definitely the worst I've ever seen with my own two eyes. Just imagine your dwelling soaked in ocean water 2 meters (6.5 feet) high for a day or two. Although most of the bodies have been removed to mass graves, the errie-ness that dread the city every night still haunt the survivors. The frailty of human life....<sigh>

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