Southeast Destination 1: Vietnam

I had the chance to cover a couple assignments in Vietnam mid-November last year. I was there to document a free clinic and relief distributions for Tzu Chi since the magazine I work for is part of that foundation. I was also assigned to continue a series of stories the magazine's been running called "The Neighboring Orient." Along with a writer, I was to explore a major city and gather present-day images that shed some light into that country during this current era.

Sorry it took so long to get these images uploaded. Honestly, I was completely overwhelmed at work. Now that I've moved into a new apartment with a steady internet connection, I should be able to update more often.

By the way, if you ever get a chance to visit, definitely try to ride a moped. But be really REALLY careful. Extra balls wouldn't hurt either (no pun intended).

2004_vietnam_01 2004_vietnam_02 2004_vietnam_03
2004_vietnam_04 2004_vietnam_05 2004_vietnam_06
2004_vietnam_07 2004_vietnam_08 2004_vietnam_09
2004_vietnam_10 2004_vietnam_11 2004_vietnam_12
2004_vietnam_13 2004_vietnam_14 2004_vietnam_15
2004_vietnam_16 2004_vietnam_17 2004_vietnam_18
2004_vietnam_19 2004_vietnam_20 2004_vietnam_21
2004_vietnam_22 2004_vietnam_23 2004_vietnam_24
2004_vietnam_25 2004_vietnam_26 2004_vietnam_27
2004_vietnam_28 2004_vietnam_29 2004_vietnam_30
2004_vietnam_31 2004_vietnam_32 2004_vietnam_33