Mixed Feelings

I didn't realize that crime was such a tremendous problem in South Africa until I landed at the airport.

"You two watch out for the luggage, I'm going to fetch the car," A Tzuchi brother told us as he ran off into the parking garage. But isn't this an international airport of one of the biggest cities in Africa?! I thought to myself.

I tried to notlet that minor obstruction get in the way of picture taking. But staying within the confinement of the car most of the trip was, well, confining. The risk of getting equipment/images stolen was always on the first of thought process. "So, is it safe to walk around here?" I asked. "Probably not with those three cameras around your neck." Someone murmured.

Everyone we interviewed has been robbed at least once. A couple of them have even been kidnapped before.

On the other hand. I started shooting film again. Because the 4 Megapixel 1D just isn't acceptable for a full spread @ 300 dpi. I must say that losing that dependence on digital imaging was quite a trip. Sticking with the same ISO and changing every 36 shots, not being able to check for proper exposure was the pain and pleasure of Provia 100F. Although the gallery is a mix of digital and film, I admit that I once again fell in love with the beauty and beast that we call chrome.

I picked out the following based on the "single photo" emphasis. I'm still unable to shoot contigously.

01_4EAD5094 02_4EAD4389 03_BatchPic0037
04_4EAD3928 05_4EAD3929 06_BatchPic0105
07_4EAD4154 08_4EAD4234 09_4EAD4248
10_4EAD4326 11_4EAD4405 12_4EAD4561
13_4EAD4575 14_4EAD4620 15_4EAD4630
16_4EAD4641 17_4EAD4662 18_4EAD4801
19_4EAD4854 20_BatchPic0041 21_BatchPic0050
22_4EAD5804 23_4EAD5851 24_4EAD5862
25_4EAD5869 26_4EAD5872 27_BatchPic0081
28_BatchPic0093 29_BatchPic0094 30_BatchPic0047
31_BatchPic0048 32_BatchPic0108 33_BatchPic0082
34_BatchPic0098 35_BatchPic0083 36_BatchPic0089
37_BatchPic0042 38_BatchPic0052 39_BatchPic0061
40_BatchPic0062 41_BatchPic0064 42_BatchPic0066
43_BatchPic0075 44_BatchPic0077 45_BatchPic0104