Orania, South Africa

"On Assignment" of the November Rhythms Monthly

As if Taiwan wasn’t far away enough from where he grew up, 23-year-old staff photographer Yen-Yi Liu was sent to South Africa on his first assignment for a worthy magazine. However, it turned out that the he almost ended up in his own backyard.

The short, plain-dotting bushes, the cold, concrete streets, the quiet, cozy neighbors, the star-blanked skies…

The town of Orania reminded him the smells of home. It was almost too comfortable to work. Perhaps it was the extreme contrast of the rest of South Africa that placed him in such an atmosphere. Perhaps it was the English-speaking environment he was used to. Perhaps it was because he just misses Austin , Texas .

Four days in this “white” utopia wasn’t enough away from shooting out his other assignment within the vehicular entrapment of quasi-security; away from all the current social problems of South Africa . Moreover, four days wasn’t enough to capture on film the struggle, history or adaptation of these confidence-stricken preservationists

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